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Reception Literacy

This week in literacy we have been looking at the story Leaf Trouble. We have read the book a number of times and identified the different characters. We talked about how Pip is the main character.

The story is available to listen to on YouTube.

We have also been thinking about how the story is structured and what happened in the beginning, middle and the end of the story.

We have also been using our knowledge of the story to sequence the pictures for retelling.

In phonics we have been learning some new letter names and sounds. The letters we have learnt are; S A T P I N. We have learnt the action and song that accompanies each sound. These can be found on YouTube.

We have learnt how to write the letters in cursive script.

We have then used these sounds in our reading and writing practise.

We have been reading words by saying the letter sounds in the word and then blending them together.

For our writing we have learnt how to segment the words and hear the sounds.

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