• Miss Ritson

Reception Literacy

This week in Literacy we are continuing to look at the story Leaf trouble. We are going to be focusing on writing sentences. First we will learn what a sentence is and how they have a subject, verb and an object. We are then going to use our story maps from last week to generate a sentence linked to either the beginning, middle or end. We will use our phonic knowledge to write our sentence, including finger spaces and full stops.

As we have been learning how to write our ladder letters in cursive script we are going to try and incorporate these into our work.

In phonics we are moving onto our next set of letters. These will be; G, O, C K. We will learn how to write the letters and how to use them to read and write simple words.

Help us learn these letters by identifying them in our environment. Go on a letter hunt and see how many of each you can find. Can you make a list of all the words that start with the letter sound?

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