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Reception Updates

Last week was a very exciting week for reception. Pirate Pete visited the classrooms and left us his empty treasure chest with a note explaining that he had lost all of his treasure.

During our literacy lessons we read the story 'We're going on a treasure hunt' so we would be ready to help find the treasure.

On Friday we used what we had learnt from the story and went on a treasure hunt around school and found the treasure!!! It was very exciting.

This week we are going to continue to read the story but add our own obstacle to the story. What will it be?

In phonics we have our next set of sounds; D O G C. We are all doing great with our sounds and having been practising blending and segmenting with them.

This week, for the first time we are going to be doing guided reading in class. This will give us a chance to practise our reading skills.

In topic we are continuing our pirate theme by looking at parrots. We will be learning some facts and using collage to create our own. These will be used for the hall display panel.

In maths we will continue to focus on Numicon. Our aim is to recognise the tiles by shape and colour and be able to identify the number they represent without needed to count the holes.

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