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RRT Class Update

The end of another fun week in reception.

In literacy this week we have been thinking of our own ideas for the story 'We're going on a treasure hunt'. We came up with different ideas for what the new obstacles could be.

Have a look at the pictures to see some of our ideas.

In phonics we learnt our next set of sounds and practised writing and reading with these. We are getting really good at this and will be able to practise some more at home as reading books are being sent home today.

Next weeks new sounds are; K CK E U.

In maths we have continued to look at our Numicon tiles and the different sizes.

Next week we will be ordering the tiles from smallest to biggest.

We are continuing to practise our ladder letters in handwriting and the teachers have noticed a big improvement.

Can you practise any at home?

This week we have also taken our Pirate topic outside and have been building Pirate ships using the junk modelling. We investigated whether they were able to float or sink?

Next week we will be changing topic and moving from Pirates to Autumn.

We are going to read the story 'We're going on a leaf hunt' to introduce the new topic and will be going on a leaf hunt around Sunnyhurst woods on Friday.

We will use what we see on the walk to learn about autumn and look at autumnal colours.

If you have any autumnal objects at home that you have collected please feel free to send these into school to share.

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