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Gazegill Farm - 3L

3L had a fantastic time visiting Gazegill Farm in the Ribble Valley today as part of their Food Glorious Food topic.

Upon arrival we were greeted by 2 fantastic Border Collies who followed chaperoned us for the rest of our trip much to the delight of the children.

After a brief introduction and a some health and safety information it was time to explore the farm.

The children learnt all about the different animals on the farm- what breeds they were, what they ate, what they were used for and many other interesting facts. They also discovered the natural way it was run to give it its organic status.

During the lunch Lee our guide held a quiz and the children showed off the excellent knowledge they had picked up during the morning session.

After lunch the children got to taste some ice cream made from milk and cream direct from the farm before visiting the milking parlor. This enable them to truly understand how their milk is produced for their breakfast cereal as well as how it gets to their homes.


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