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If you go down in the woods today...

3L continued their Forest schools adventure making the short trip to Sunnyhurst Woods.

We took part in a variety of activities which the children really enjoyed. Showing great resilience and determination as they explored new situations with eagerness and endeavor.

Children had the chance to river walk before being given nets to take a closer look at what lived in there. Whilst most of the animals had made a sharp exit several fish were caught. This enabled the children a chance to view the wild fish up close many for the first time.

Bandanas were made by the children using plants and material to transfer the juices to create a colourful sight. Other children built dens amongst the trees using the skills they had learnt form the week before.

As the sessions develop it is great to see the children's confidence and willingness to try new things come out. they are developing as a team and are all willing to share and help each other out to achieve different things. I think we are all looking forward to what next week holds...


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