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If you went down to the farm today....

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Today 3L had a fantastic trip to two Ribble Valley farms. Despite the rain we were able to enjoy looking round two very different types of dairy farm. The first farm was Gazegill Organic Farm. Here we learnt all about what was produced on the farms and how it can be used to make other dairy products. We made ice cream before going on a tour. Whilst out and about we saw lots of pigs and piglets before going to find the goats... They were hiding in the barns due to the amount of rain! After, we found the two farm ponies who were enjoying the great expanse and freedom of the fields. Finally, we went to the milking parlour where we heard about how the farmer manually works with the cows and machinery to collect the milk.

After lunch we travelled the short distance to Slack Farm where we saw an automated milking parlour. Here the cows decided when they want to be milked and wander through the robotic machinery. Children enjoyed watching how all the machinery worked.

We also got to see and pet a number of calves ranging in age from 1 day old to 6/7 months.

Before, we set off for home the children all got to sit in the Farmers Tractor!

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