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Treasure Hunt in Class RST

What a lovely week we have had in school - the sun has shone and the pupils have been amazing yet again! This week we have had lots of fun in Class RST. Every morning we came into school and had to find Polly Parrot, who was begin very silly and hiding in the classroom. We placed our feelings bricks on our feelings table to record whether we felt happy or sad about coming to school. We talked about some of the things that made us sad like – not liking apples, falling over, missing mummy and daddy, being tired. Every day we looked at our visual timetable to see what learning we would be doing throughout the day.

This week we read our key text – We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt. We listened carefully to the story, retold the story using words and actions and sequenced pictures to retell the story. Click onto the link below and share this story at home. We also talked about things that are the same and different and played lots of games where we had to find something the same or something different. This week we started our daily phonics sessions. During these sessions we are developing Phase 1 Listening Skills, particularly listening for words that rhyme.

We also had a fire drill practise so that we would all know what do if the fire alarm sounded.

Well done everyone and have a lovely weekend! See you all on Monday.

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Stowe and Mrs Jeal

We're Going on a Treasure Hunt
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