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Year 2 Poetry

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Here is another poem written by Harry S in Year 2 all about Gluesticks! Enjoy!

Gluestick by Harry S

Right 2F we have a problem or 2

We had 27 gluesticks at half past 2,

Was it Belle or maybe Ben?

Or has Mrs Nuttall stolen 10?

We need to find them asap

Or have they been eaten by Emmi Cree

Has one of the Harrys done a magic trick

Or are they near Phoebe under the brick

Has Evie J left them under her chair

Or have they gone to reception with Barney Bear

Has Noah dropped them in Mr Frankish’s drink

Don’t look there Reece there not in the sink!

Has Tilly taken them out for a walk

Or has Matilda put them with the chalk

Come on 2F they need to be found

Whoever can find them I’ll them give a pound

Can’t we find them tell me Why?

Have they gone to the medical room with Eli

Has someone checked Mrs Brown’s room

Or Evie P’s lunchbox with her spoon

Lacey and Florence look under the coats

Don’t check there Toby I don’t think they float!

Are they under the table with Alfie Jack

Kyla if you've found them put them back

Please don’t tell me their in the bin

Come on help me look please Kyra and Caitlin

Right look this is getting very silly

Tell me you've found them Amelia Lily

Agness, Karolynne, Please help Patti

Not finding these gluesticks is driving me batty

Lucas, Neveah stay in your seat

If we can’t find them we will stay here all week.

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