Kids' Paintings


There is a School Uniform for Avondale School. 

Embroidered sweatshirts and polo shirts can be obtained by request from the Office.

If parents do opt to make their own arrangements to purchase the uniform the shades are white, bright red and light grey.


The Uniform for both Infant and Junior children is as follows:

Girls:       White polo shirt/T-shirt

                Bright red sweatshirt/sweater/cardigan

                Light grey skirt/pinafore (knee length) or grey/black trousers

                White socks

                Black shoes (maximum heel height of 1")


                Alternative for summer is a red and white check dress.


Boys:               White polo shirt/T-shirt

                        Bright red sweatshirt/sweater

                        Light grey trousers (long/short)

                        Grey socks

                        Black shoes


Parents are informed at the beginning of the School year the times of gym, sport, swimming etc. when special clothing is required at school for their children in each particular class.  Parents are also asked to ensure that their children have the correct clothing in school on the specified days.

In addition, all classes undertake Art.  It is ESSENTIAL that pupils are provided with an old shirt etc. which can be worn over their clothing.  Overalls are not provided on a class basis and damage to clothing can no longer be reimbursed by the School.


It is suggested that both Infant and Junior children wear a white T-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. ALL CLOTHING MUST BE CLEARLY NAMED.


No hair gel, ‘fashion haircuts’, coloured hair, nail varnish or trainers.  It stops arguments between pupils, and unhealthy competition about fashion awareness.


No jewellery in school.  Studs only are allowed but they must be removable for P.E lessons.

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