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Pupil Wellbeing Co-ordinator and Child Protection Deputy Lead

Hi everyone my name is Deborah Wright, I have worked at Avondale School for 14 years and during that time my role has always been involving supporting, enabling children and their families with what whatever is needed.  Life events happen to us all and it is important for school to be able to help and support in anyway that we can without any judgement. 

  • Emotional health and well being issues

  • Signposting and attending meetings with Parents.

  • Child Protection Issues 

  • Safeguarding in and out of school.

Cheryl and I work very closely together to provide a wrap around support network to enable children to flourish and achieve a healthy approach to learning no matter what else is happening in their lives. We both live in the community which helps us to be aware of relevant issues and local services that are available to our families.  

Family Liaison Officer

Hello everyone my name is Cheryl Braysford, I work at Avondale School and have either in a part time or full time role for the past 8 years during that time I have taken on extra responsibilities which are:

  • Attendance and Punctuality Issues 

  • Working with families 

  • Supporting children

  • Social Group Interventions

  • Taking part in drop in sessions for Parents

  • Facilitating groups for Parents and children



Useful Numbers

School Mobile                       07513782963                          


Neighbourhood Police           01254 222135

Darwen Health Centre           01254 226691

Barbara Castle Way Centre   01254 617100

Wish Centre Blackburn          01254 260465

Inspire                                       01254 495014

Women's Centre                     01254 583032

Food bank                               See Deborah or Cheryl

Childrens Services                  01254 666400/587547

Wellbeing/Mental Health      08009154640

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