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Food & Drink

We want our children to be healthy:

  • Healthy foods is always on our school menus

  • We are a nut-free school and therefore no item containing nuts should be brought into school as we need to protect those who have allergies

  • exercise is a big part of our school life

  • Children may bring water bottles into school to drink water throughout the day (for safety reasons no glass bottles or flasks are allowed)


Our school is committed to the healthy school standards and so we have a NO SWEETS policy.  All Foundation Stage and KS1 children are provided with a piece of fruit as part of the national fruit scheme.  Pupils may also bring a piece of fruit from home.  

Sample Menus


A file is kept onsite of all ingredients used in the production of our food.  This is used to comply with the new regulations that are coming into force regarding allergens.  If your child has an allergy and you would like to see this file please contact the office.

Dinner Money

Please note the cost of weekly dinner money is  £11.00

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