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Save Money - Good Health

On the ITV programme Save Money: Good Health Dr Ranj puts his body under the microscope as he tries out self-testing health kits, while Sian Williams investigates which is the best product to kill superbug head lice.

They ran lab tests on the following products:

  • Hedrin Once Spray Gel - A silicone based spray which suffocates the lice by coating them in silicone

  • Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion - A natural product

  • Lyclear - An insecticide 

 They found the following results:

  • Hedrin Once Spray Gel - Killed all the lice in the experiment

  • Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion - Mixed results

  • Lyclear - No lice were killed - head lice are becoming tolerant to this type of treatment as it leaves a residue on the hair

 The recommendation was to use a silicone based spray or lotion that coats the lice and suffocates them as it is effective 99% of the time. This is also a long term option, as head lice cannot become tolerant to being starved of air! They also say to look for an ingredient Dimeticone which will be labelled on the packaging.


As soon as we become aware of an outbreak of head lice a text message is sent to the parents of all children in the class to advise head lice have been found with a request to check your family’s hair and you use an appropriate treatment if you find live lice.

Lots of useful information can be found on the following websites.               nhs headlice info         

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