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oracy at avondale

At Avondale Primary School we are working in partnership with Voice 21 (the national oracy education charity) to develop our pupils confidence, articulacy and capacity to learn. High quality oracy education empowers pupils, regardless of their background, to find their voice for success in school and in life.

What is Oracy?
Oracy - 4 Strands

Children will not only be taught the word ‘Oracy’, but also the language of the 4 strands.​ 

  • Physical​ 

  • Linguistic​

  • Cognitive​ 

  • Social and Emotional

4 strands.png
Oracy Road Map.png
Ways to promote Oracy at home

There are many games, which you can play at home, that develop the social emotional aspect of Oracy. Below are a few examples of these.


The National Literacy Trust have some great activities to support children to build their language.

Words for life_edited.png

‘Talk is the most powerful tool of communication in the classroom and it’s fundamentally central to the acts of teaching and learning.’ Professor Frank Hardman

Oracy Outcomes

At Avondale Primary School, we are passionate about providing the best education for our pupils. We believe that the ability to communicate effectively through language and speech is essential for success in life and work. That's why we place a great emphasis on the importance of oracy in all areas of the curriculum.

We prioritize developing our pupils’ oracy skills through engaging activities and experiential learning. Our teachers provide the guidance and support necessary to help each of our pupils become confident communicators. We believe that our focus on oracy will give our students the edge when they leave Avondale Primary School and enter the world.

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Lots more examples can be found on our blog posts below.