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At Avondale Primary School we have adopted the 'Red Rose Letters and Sounds' Phonics Scheme. Teachers deliver well planned and structured lessons from the scheme using exciting games and resources to challenge and enthuse children.  

Each week, children in phonic phases 2-5 concentrate on a set of particular sounds (phonemes) or written spelling patterns (graphemes).  Your child is encouraged to use these technical terms to talk about their learning in phonics and spelling.  Tricky words are also taught each week. These are words that do not follow a pattern and are learned discreetly.

The pronunciation of the phonemes (sounds) when teaching phonics is very important. To listen to an example of how to say each of the phonemes taught through our phonics curriculum, please watch this video from Oxford Owl. 


Children requiring extra support:

Children are regularly assessed using 'Phonics Tracker' and children who need extra support in phonics may work through one of a number of different interventions which follow the same structure as Red Rose Letters and Sounds. Which intervention the children access is determined by the gaps in their learning and which interventions (if any) they have accessed before.

Fast Track Phonics group

Fast Track Phonics follows a programme that has been devised by the Lancashire Literacy Team. This group is aimed at closing the gap with regards to reading and spelling. Most pupils who follow the daily phonics process will reach the expected level of understanding by the end of KS1. The Fast Track programme is designed to address gaps in learning. The activities are short, snappy and fun with an emphasis on quickly reviewing previous sound patterns from all the other phases.

Bounce Back Phonics group

Bounce Back Phonics is aimed at children in KS2 still needing phonics teaching. The structured programme takes the children through the whole phonics sequence in short and intensive sessions.

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