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PE Kit

P.E. Kit


It is compulsory for all children to wear a plain white T-shirt, black shorts and black pumps/trainers (activity dependent). Black leggings/tracksuit bottoms are also permitted when the weather is cold. We also have a sports hoodie that can be worn for PE lessons. Please contact the school office if you would like to purchase one. An image of our new hoodies can be seen below. ALL CLOTHING MUST BE CLEARLY NAMED. Please ensure that your son or daughter brings their PE kit in a bag at the start of the term. It is important to ensure that your son or daughter’s PE kit is available in school every day. Thank-you









With regards to jewellery (specifically earrings), it is expected that they are removed for PE lessons for health and safety reasons. if they are unable to be removed by the pupil or parent/guardian prior to the PE lesson, then pupils will have the opportunity to have their earrings taped up and safely covered at home prior to coming into school. This is not the responsibility of members of staff and must be completed at home. It is then at the class teacher’s digression as to whether the piercing is taped to a satisfactory level which would minimise the risk of injury. The teacher supervising the group has the legal responsibility to ensure the taping is fit for purpose. If the teacher considers the taping to be unsatisfactory to permit safe participation, they will need to make adaptations in terms of how the student takes part in the practical aspects of the lesson. The amount of tape used needs to be sufficient to prevent the piercing penetrating, for example, the bone behind the ear should an unintentional blow be received from someone or some item of equipment, such as a ball. 


Seasonal Weather

Please ensure that sunscreen is applied before school in the summer months and that your child has a sun hat. In winter children should wear a suitable coat, hat and gloves. Parents are welcome to provide sun cream, though children should be able to apply it themselves.

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PE hoodie.jpg
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