Reading at Avondale

At Avondale Primary School we strive for our children to be true lovers of reading and books. Books are at the heart of our curriculum with as many opportunities as possible linked to a book across all the curriculum. We recognise the importance of being able to read and comprehend as being central to accessing the world around us. We read with and to children through a wide range of independent, shared, guided and class reading activities. Children have access to a wealth of books of all genres and regular library sessions. We actively celebrate a love of books. We encourage children to discuss and share what they have been reading which is further enhanced by all adults in school sharing and promoting their love of reading too. We celebrate World Book Day, which is always a highlight in the school year! 


The teaching of reading is systematic and sequential across school. In Reception and KS1 we follow the phases in 'Letters and Sounds' to teach phonics. We use fully decodable reading books matched closely to children’s phonic progress. Children have the opportunity to decode these and then we encourage children re-read and re-read to ensure reading is fluent and the important skills of intonation, expression and comprehension can also be fully developed. 


As children become fluent readers, they move onto the Accelerated Reader programme. For more information please see below.


We are lucky to have a bright, welcoming and well stocked school library which all the children can access. We offer many incentives for a child’s commitment to their reading from in class rewards, Reader of the Week certificates and bears, visits to the ‘Readers Rewards’ trolley and even a gold pin badge for ‘Millionaire Readers! 

Accelerated Reader
Reading at home - How can you help?
  • Reading for enjoyment! 

  • Make reading visible; have books available in your home

  • Comfort reading at home, further challenge at school during one to one/guided reading

  • Listen to your child read – ideally every day, but little and often is best.

  • Encourage your child to build up fluency.

  • It’s really important also to read to your child.

  • Question your child about what they have read and what might happen next 

  • Use your local library to find books together.

  • Keep encouraging and praising your child! 

100 Book Challenge

Click on the link to see the book lists for your year group

We want you to read as many as you can off the list this year!

  1. Choose a book to read. You will find them in our school library or Darwen Library.

  2. Enjoy reading the book you have chosen.

  3. Complete a book review and give it to your teacher.

  4. Tick the book off your list and go and choose another one.

There will be certificates and prizes along the way!

Our Online Reading Scheme

The children have access to Serial Mash via

their Purple Mash logins.  

Serial Mash is an online e-books project that has been short-listed for numerous educational awards. It publishes weekly, serialised chapter books for lower and upper KS2, every half term of the school year. It also includes a growing library of KS1 books. All of the books come complete with a range of activities

Lancashire School Library Service

This year we have subscribed to Lancashire School Library Service. This means that we will have an extra 820 books in school that we have loaned including topic books, poetry books, class novels and reading for pleasure books.

In the Spring term children in school will get the chance to visit the library bus and exchange one of the books to a book of their choice.

serial mash.png