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Sex education

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Changing me RSE overview and RSE Guide for parents and carers leaflet 


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The DfE Guidance 2019 (p.23) recommends that all primary schools ‘have a sex education programme tailored to the age and the physical and emotional maturity of the pupils. 

At Avondale School, puberty is taught as a statutory requirement of Health Education and covered by our Jigsaw PSHE Programme in the ‘Changing Me’ Puzzle (unit). We conclude that sex education refers to Human Reproduction, and therefore inform parents of their right to request their child be withdrawn from the PSHE lessons that explicitly teach this. These lessons take place in some year groups throughout the ‘Changing Me’ unit in Summer term 2. Below are the Year groups and lesson outlines that parents have the right to withdraw from. If you are considering withdrawing your child, we strongly advise that you speak to us. We feel that you, as parents, will then be as well - informed as you can be to make the right decision for your child. Through mutual exchange of knowledge and information, we feel children will benefit from being given consistent messages about their changing body and their increasing responsibilities.

Year 4, Lesson 2 (Having a baby)

Year 5, Lesson 4 (Conception)

Year 6, Lesson 4 (Conception, birth)

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