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It's cold outside...

3L again braved the elements during their Forest School Session. This week was their final session and saw them remain in the school grounds and use our "Basecamp" to experience a number of fun activities.

During the session children made Christmas decorations using natural resources. They also enjoyed working in teams to construct a number of structures which ranged from dens and people to limbo poles!

As it was the last week and extremely cold we also enjoyed learning to use a flint and steel to create fire. Once, everyone had had a go at this we lit a fire before enjoying toasting marshmallows and eating Smores.

Well done to all the children during these session the weather has not been kind and conditions have been tough. The children have worked hard and shown great resilience, decision making and teamwork to embrace all the activities and give everything a go even when at times they were convinced they couldn't do it (yet).

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